There was greatness that day

October 23, 2016

I woke up to a positive affirmation on my phone screen last Tuesday morning stating ‘I will have a great day’.

It was the day my Dad died.

My immediate thought reflecting on that day was it wasn’t a great day at all, thank you very much universe. In fact it was a royally shit day, packed full of tears, loss and shock.

Five days on and I am able to see that, in fact, hidden in the seemingly overwhelming sadness there were indeed many moments that made that day great.

  • Great because he didn’t suffer.
  • Great because my sister was with him, holding his hand; privileged to witness this great man passing so peacefully.
  • Great because technology meant I could say goodbye.
  • Great because he is now at peace.
  • Great because of the cocoon of love, kindness and support that engulfed us that day, and has every day since.
  • Great because of the incredible nurses and nuns who wrapped Mum in spiritual and physical comfort the second they heard.
  • Great because, yet again, I was reminded of what a rock my husband is in my life.

Affirmations are powerful things.

They trigger you to state how you want to feel, behave. And you immediately have an opinion on what that behaviour or feeling will mean for you. ‘Great’ for me that morning looked like: my son’s temperature would stabilise; Al wouldn’t be too cross about my fighting the gate post with the camper van the night before; I was going to learn something new on my course; we would win that new piece of business.  All beliefs about the immediate ‘stuff’ I was facing.

But great that day became something very different. A far deeper, more emotional great.

It’s opened my eyes to the true power and potential of positive affirmations. When tomorrow’s affirmation pops up on my phone, I will pause and take a moment to really think about the power of the words I am speaking.   What I really want those words to mean.

Maybe it’s time to slow down. To take a bit more time to consider what great, happy, good, exciting, fulfilling would mean for my life.

I will miss my dad every day. But I will be forever grateful for all the things that made last Tuesday a great day.

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