Best Alternative Paris Tour

April 6, 2016

Last week we escaped to Paris for a short break en famille.  The challenge when we normally travel is that I do all the photo taking, resulting in recalcitrant models and incomplete family snaps.  However for our recent trip, we happened upon a fantastic company, Localers, (check them out here) that offers the best alternative Paris tour.  On this little beauty, your tour guide happens to be a professional photographer too and at the end of the three hours you are presented with a disk loaded with 200 pics.

Capturing your family escape

Bingo!  The boys were up for modelling for someone other than me and I finally got a decent set of family snaps that captured, so much better than I ever could, our brilliant family escape.  The company were great; changing the day of the tour twice to account for travel delays and hideous weather.

The format is pretty straightforward.  You meet your nominated guide at a set time and they take you round the visual highlights of Paris giving you a bit of insight whilst taking a mix of posed and reportage pics on the way.  The focus is more on the photos than the guiding so if a thorough introduction to the sites and sounds of Paris is what you are after then this wouldn’t be the tour for you.  As we ended up doing it on the last day of our trip it didn’t matter because we’d already orientated ourselves and genned up on the most pertinent historical facts.

The best alternative Paris tour with 200 pictures thrown in!

For a family of non-models, I wasn’t sure how it would all pan out.  It was freezing cold when we met Nora at 10 am and a bit awkward to start with.  But as the sun started to burn through the mist and we slowly warmed up, so too did the tour and we got used to the camera.  I’m over the moon with the pictures we’ve got.  They came in colour but I’ve edited them for the blog – as you are given them digitally you can edit away to suit your preferences.

I’d really recommend this if you want to capture a moment in time with all your family members.  I recently read a phrase: ‘the days are long but the years are short’; it couldn’t be more true.  I blink and my boys are growing so fast it’s hard to keep up.  To capture our family so well at this point in time is something we will really treasure.  To find out more, visit the Localers site (www.localers.com).

Note: I’ve not been sponsored to write this post; am simply passing on the details of a great alternative Paris tour for those dragging teenagers that way anytime soon.

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