Framed Memories

October 17, 2015

It was recently Mr W’s birthday and I was totally at a loss about what to buy.  Quite simply, he didn’t want nor need any more ‘stuff’.

As I was pottering around the shops yearning for a flash of inspiration, I saw a gorgeous picture.  There in a small frame was a cut out shape from a road atlas of the place we were in at the time.  I had seen something similar online too (check them out here) – cut out shapes depicting a place that was special.  Stacked up next to the picture were the same frames, but empty, for a fraction of the price.

Being married to a Libran who refuses to throw anything away, I knew we had an out of date road atlas at home so I bought the empty frame and set about making my own version as a unique gift.  I planned to include two of our favourite places – Kirkby Lonsdale in the Lake District and Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Both are rammed so full of memories; just looking at their name makes me stop and remember the many many happy times we have spent in each.

First up, I headed for my craft room to stock up on supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Heart shape (I used a heart shaped piece of felt I’d recently bought)
  • Card (to glue the cut out shapes to, to give them more substance)
  • The A-Z road atlas (yes, we had not one but three lurking in the cupboard)
  • A sheet of complimentary colour backing paper to stick the shapes to
  • Some nifty little foam double sided sticky tabs that would make the shapes sit slightly proud of the backing paper
  • The frame

And it was simple as this to make:

  1. Find the desired location from the A-Z road map.
  2. Place the heart shape on the map, trying to put the town name in the centre.
  3. Draw round the shape and then cut it out of the map.
  4. Do that same with a piece of card and glue the map piece and card together to make it more robust.
  5. Add the sticky back plastic foam squares to the back of the shape (or shapes if you are doing more than one).
  6. Before you stick the shapes to the backing paper, place the frame over the top to make sure they are in the right place.
  7. When they look fine, stick the shapes to your backing paper and place the paper in the frame.
  8. Do the frame back up and voila!  Simples.

I’ve had so many people commenting on the simplicity but the impact of this gift that I had to share.  Most importantly, Mr W loved it.

Future ideas on the same theme…

  • Small hearts featuring excerpts from a favourite poem.
  • Circles cut from a favourite children’s story to frame and put on their bedroom wall.
  • Campervan shape depicting the place of your latest travels (Dordogne in France for us!).

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